ideas2cycles is a non-profit organization for developing novel bicycle concepts. The aim is to bring new ideas to life by using the latest technology and product development methods. Instead of just talking about bikes, our goal is to build the wildest concepts and ride them! Check out our Prototypes and tune back for the latest updates about ongoing builds.

Here’s a few highlights from our Flickr-stream:

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  1. Thanks for your comment! Yeah, we’re building our new website during the next month, so new content and information will be added irregularly. Facebook, Flickr, YouTube and Instructables will have more pictures available until we get everything up on this site.
    The castings were actually magnesium alloy, but one could do similar lugs using aluminium alloys. I don’t have any prices available for comparison, but small quantities are not cheap. That’s part of what ideas2cycles is trying to change. I’d look into the suspicious offers and see what’s going on. Let us know what you find!

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