The Jig

The Jig is designed to meet the needs of prototyping and small scale production. It is very simple and inexpensive compared to professional framebuilding jigs. Unlike cheap jigs, such as the Jiggernaut, this jig is does not burn or take up moisture.  It also accepts any tube shape and size. Aluminium profiles form a large part of the costs, but they are very sturdy, tolerate heat and moisture (unlike wooden jigs) and can be used for something else, too. The aluminium profiles can be sourced from European vendors. We have made a complete instructable for those who want to build their own. The version we sell has been improved since the instructable was written and contains several improvements: Easy adjustment of steering angle non-parallel to seat tube, easier measument of rear spacing, detailed user manual, reduced cost without loss in functionality, higher accuracy for coordinate calculations and improved spreadsheet.

The custom fittings kit includes:

  • Head tube fittings (all standards)
  • Bottom bracket fittings (BSA, PressFit86, PF30, BBright and T47 are included and BB386 & BB30 available for 10 EUR extra.)
  • Seat tube fitting (all sizes).
  • Detailed instructions how to assemble the jig and use it for framebuilding. The design has been updated since writing the instructable and it’s even more simple now and has easy adjustment of the headtube angle.
  • Improved spreadsheet for easier and more accurate calculations

The kit costs 79 EUR plus shipping (25 EUR to Europe and U.S). We can also deliver a complete jig for 490 EUR plus shipping, but be aware that shipping large and heavy items is expensive (~100 EUR). The fittings are machined from 6083-T6 aluminium alloy and use M8x1.25 metric thread for fastening to the jig. We can drill out the center for non-metric bolt-and-nut solutions. Please use the contact form below or drop us an e-mail if you are interested. We accept PayPal, major credit cards and wire transfer.

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