The Jig

Price and how to buy

Inside the EU: The kit costs 99 EUR (including shipping).

Outside the EU: 99 EUR + 20 EUR shipping cost.

You can order/enquire using the form at the end (the cheapest alternative). Etsy and eBay listings are available, but at a higher price.

What is The Jig

The Jig is designed to meet the needs of prototyping and small scale production. It is very simple and inexpensive compared to professional framebuilding jigs. The total cost is around 300 EUR/USD. Unlike cheap jigs, such as the Jiggernaut, this jig is does not burn or take up moisture.  It also accepts any tube shape and size. Aluminium profiles form a large part of the costs, but they are very sturdy, tolerate heat and moisture and can be used for something else, too. The aluminium profiles should be sourced separately and the custom fittings ordered on this page. We have made a complete instructable for those who want to build a similar jig, but several improvements have been made since then and everyone buying the fittings will get a 20-page instruction manual how to build and use the latest version of the jig. The version we sell currently is version 3. Improvements from the original instructable are:

  • Easy adjustment of steering angle non-parallel to seat tube
  • Different configuration for improved rear dummy axle rigidity. This was a major design flaw in the original version which made it difficult to align the rear dropouts. Version 3 mended this.
  • Easier measurement of rear spacing
  • Detailed user manual
  • Cheaper aluminium profiles without loss in functionality
  • Higher accuracy for the trigonometric calculations
  • Improved spreadsheet
  • Wider (73/92 mm) BB shells easy to use

What is included in the kit

The fittings are CNC machined from 7075-T6 aluminium alloy and use M8x1.25 metric thread for fastening to the jig. The contents of the kit:

  • Head tube fittings (all external cup and zero stack standards)
  • Bottom bracket fittings for BSA68/73, PressFit86/92, PF30 68/73 mm wide, BB386/BB30, BBright and T47
  • Seat tube fitting (all sizes)
  • Plastic gauge blocks for moving the centerline to accommodate various BB shell widths
  • Access to customer section with:
    • Detailed instructions how to assemble the jig and use it for framebuilding
    • Improved spreadsheet for easier and more accurate calculations
  • Please note: THE ALUMINIUM PROFILES ARE NOT INCLUDED! You can source these locally far cheaper, due to shipping charges of heavy and bulky items.

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