ideas2cycles was founded in 2010 by students from Aalto University, Finland. We have a broad network of industrial partners and are working in close cooperation with Aalto University and its students. Our aim is to create new concepts that have an impact in design, engineering and business.


Kim-Niklas Antin (D.Sc.)

Kimi is a bicycle enthusiast with an engineering background. He founded ideas2cycles in 2010 and has contributed mainly to the development and utilization of materials and manufacturing methods. His doctoral degree is in the field of materials science.

J-P Virtanen (D.Sc.)

J-P is an everyday cyclist studying industrial design. He is working for the project as a design consultant. J-P has a Master’s degree in arts and a doctoral degree in science.

Tuomas Pärnänen (D.Sc.)

Tuomas is a triathlete and composites expert. He is contributing to the design and fabrication of lightweight structures. He holds a D.Sc. in aeronautical engineering.

Mikael Vaherjoki

Mikael is an active BMX cyclist with a passion for fixing things. He is a skilled composites and metal fabricator.

From Concept to Reality!